GDPR and Schrems II

Why Retriever's social media management platform is your GDPR super option.


Is Retriever's social media management platform Schrems II compliant?


✅ Yes. The application is fully Schrems II compliant. That means: with our platfrom you never have to worry about CLOUD Act.



Is Retriever's social media management platform GDPR compliant?


✅ Yes. the platform is of course also fully GDPR compliant.


Does Retriever's app servers have American owners?


✅ No. All of app servers are run by a company that has NO USA owners.



Is Retriever's social media management platform on Amazon AWS?


⛔ No. the app servers are NOT on Amazon AWS or any other USA owned servers.



Is Retriever's team GDPR & Schrems II compliant?


✅ Yes. Retriever's team is both GDPR compliant and Schrems II compliant. Our team is not located in the USA. Our team is located in the EU and the Ukraine - and yes, we absolutely have EU's Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) in place with our colleagues in the Ukraine. So yes, our team is both GDPR and Schrems II compliant.


Has Retriever's social media management platform been approved by other government organizations?


✅ Yes. We at Retriever have spent enormous efforts to break the cloud service norm to in all our app servers NOT use Amazon AWS or any other USA owned servers. And because of all of our safeguards, the platfrom has already been approved by the legal departments on several of northern Europe's largest government organizations.



Can we ask Retriever some questions?


✅ Yes. Please ask us anything, we are completely transparent. Simply call us at 0046-10-1515051 or email us at We look forward to talking to you.




💡 What is CLOUD Act?


CLOUD Act is a law in the USA. CLOUD Act allows the USA government to request access to any data that is stored on servers owned by USA based companies.

Very important to know is that this law also applies to servers that are located outside the USA.

This means that if your personal data is stored on a server that is owned by an American company, then the USA government can request access to your company’s personal data.


💡 What is Schrems II?


Schrems II is a court judgement from the European Court of Justice.

Schrems II In short says that, because of the American law CLOUD Act, it might be illegal to store personal information about EU citizens on servers owned by American companies. No one knows 100% for sure yet, and if you are convicted to violate GDPR you could get fined up to €20 million.